Another Bogus Black History Month Promo

BHM Promo

Before I go on a tirade, I’d like you to look over this ad and the previous. Some of you expressed a question mark regarding what I think is objectionable. Let’s talk it out as this is directly relevant to part of our mission statement in building the Roundup.


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  • aka Tito

    Reply Reply February 12, 2009

    Let me help you at Be. Since every one missed the point of the last one. The problem with the ad is that they are offering stereotypical foods for Black History Months. The might as well have fried chicken, watermelon, sunflower seeds, and grape soda. Oh wait… they had 2 of those on the previous ad and whole frying chicken on this one. Plus all the foods they have on this add are EXTREMELY low in quality.

  • Nicole Caverta

    Reply Reply February 15, 2009

    Spring can’t come soon enough, I hope you’re doing well!

  • EA

    Reply Reply February 21, 2009

    I can’t find my super-specs, so a little larger illustration would help Be, but from the looks of it, Rainbow, Rainbow, Rainbow. “Living up to your life…” Not living up to MY life. The peanut butter alone would warn me like a stop sign!

    If this grocers “Black history month sale items” reflected my celebratory tastes, there would be a pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow, not a small box of pennies…

    …you know — like the kind some retailers offer as a courtesy to customers who are a few pennies short.

    Ignorance, or an underhanded, smirkish slap to their customers Black history faces? It’s a combination of both. They need help.

    They may say, “If it ain’t broke, why fix it? My answer would be, “If you want to connect to your Black consumers, you first have to know who they are.” Rainbow will be light years ahead if they do. It’s all about the demographics baby and from what I see, they ain’t got color in their rainbow.

    “Well, we’re showing growth, and our black customers tell us they love our sales AND our flyers. Last week we sold more peanut butter than ever.”

    I can hear it now.

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