Roundup Rendezvous: South Beach Miami 2009



  • chianti

    February 6, 2009

    can i be down?

  • Dj Delvek

    February 7, 2009


  • Greg

    February 8, 2009

    I know 20 people that would love to make this happen. Put out more info.

  • dee0nly1

    February 9, 2009

    more details please……………..!!!


    February 17, 2009

    Hey, this is my neck and I do mean neck of the woods. I live in South Florida and the beach is my hangout. So Grambling Alumni will represent. If I can help please feel free to contact me.

  • kathy

    February 19, 2009

    Hey I Live In Here Sunny Miami I Will Like To Participate in planning or whatever events you need help with any committee give me a call # 305-321-5461 or send me an Email

  • kathy

    February 19, 2009

    TSU Alumni

  • JR

    February 23, 2009

    I would love to attend this trip.. I wanted to book me something by myself and come alone. Did anybody come alone last year if so, how did things turn out. I don’t want to come if everyone is going to be coupled off. Feel me.. Also, is th flight included, any recommended flights. Please contact me? I want to be a part of this, I just want to talk to some people about this first. 919-741-9876 NC A&T

  • chianti

    February 23, 2009

    jr, i think it’ll be cool to come alone, this doesn’t seem like a couple thing to me and i’m sure you won’t be lonley, you’ll be amont FAMILY. the package doesn’t include flights, just hotel and events.

  • Lisa T.

    February 25, 2009

    Hey…any Morganites going??!!

  • Heleana

    February 27, 2009

    Hey can you still go if you miss the Feb. 28th first night deposit?

  • joi

    March 2, 2009

    What if you live in the area? Are there some prices for events only if you don’t need a hotel?

  • joi

    March 2, 2009

    got the answer.

  • Kev Jones

    March 2, 2009

    You can still go if you miss the deadline. The price increased $15 per/person
    on 3/2/09.

    Did everyone see that latest renderings of the Clevelander?

  • LadyEsquire

    March 7, 2009

    Grambling State will represent to the max!

  • "k" from miami

    March 9, 2009

    lets do this!!!!! Hometown let me what you need or any hotspots clubs, restaraunts, shopping, barbecue, soulfood….class of 92″ tsu baby….anybody, everybody holla at me….be there or be square….picnic on me T.B.A.

    kelvin stewart
    tsu alum-88-93

    posse90, gosh club

  • Jpz~gosh

    March 10, 2009


  • Jermaine

    March 12, 2009

    Is anyone looking for a male roommate? Hit me up if interested. Thanks

  • brynergy

    April 22, 2009

    Adding MAJOR Fitness component to the trip! Are you all ready to put that beach body together?

  • myhoganybrown

    April 30, 2009

    finally an update? i was beginning to think i dreamt this entire trip

  • Paula

    May 1, 2009

    The rendezvous ii is the same weekend as the american black film festival. the host hotel for the film festival is ritz and i think these hotels for the rendezvous are more cost effective.

  • Erica B.

    May 7, 2009

    I think this is going to be a great event! I live in Miami, so I'll be in attendance.

  • Sherrall

    May 7, 2009

    How do you get into the events if you don't need the hotel accommodations?

  • myhoganybrown

    May 14, 2009

    got to buy a party pass for $115 Sherrall

  • Diane

    May 24, 2009

    age group? Are we talkin recent alum, dating back to the 80s, a combo?

  • Diane

    May 24, 2009

    I'm interested but still tryin to get info and someone to come with me (class of '81)

  • Keewee

    June 2, 2009

    Are the party passes available for daily rates or do you have to purchase for the whole weekend? I live in South FL, but I have to work on Friday. Also, who is the point of contact?

  • cleve

    June 5, 2009

    GSU class 1999-2001 will be down there deep

  • Sherri Stroud Parmenter

    June 22, 2009

    I will be in Miami from June 23-28th. Hope to see Hamptonians there. Class of ’81.

  • LHC - Sunshine

    July 25, 2009

    If you weren’t there… YOU MISSED IT!!!!
    Don’t let that happen again…