Happy Baby…Happy Couple? What men aren’t talking about…


It’s been weeks since your delivery and yes, everyone’s happy about the delivery of the new born baby!  But daddy wants his wife back. However, we as new mothers are struggling to keep the house clean, keep dinner on the table, prepare breakfast half asleep, juggle household schedules, get the kids hair combed, daily lunches…

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How You Can Avoid The Seven Year Itch…


Ive been with my husband for 15 years and married to him for 9 of them. I don’t pretend to know what makes a perfect marriage, actually I don’t that a perfect marriage exists. But I do know that we have spent the last 9 years together 24/7 and we still like each other! I…

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Interracial Dating in Post-Racial America


Is this a post racial America? “Nigger in a Northface” by Legit, illustrates the complexity and turmoil surrounding an interracial couple. What do you think?

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#BlackLove: Check This Video Out!

Great Wedding Video of what looks to be a fun-loving couple

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[Relationships] How to Break-Up: With Complete Instructions

… avoid answering the “WHY” questions because they are traps set up to keep you in the moment instead of moving past the moment on to better soul fulfillment.

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Phonte and 9th Wonder talk about Love #LLFDP

Phonte and 9th (great to see them hanging, by the way) in a candid conversation about the L word. No not “lesbians” (Scott Pilgrim reference) the OTHER “L” word… LOVE. Check it out.

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[Photo] Role Models

The Huxtables were a weekly illustration and example of one way to be a Dad, businessman, career woman, Spouse, Son, Daughter, Grandson, Sister, Son in Law, etc. Though we often had these examples at home as well, they served as a great reminder of how great we could be. With fond remembrances. Thank you Cliff…

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Will You Marry Me? An Editorial by Michelle Drayton

African-Americans seek committed relationships and marriage just as much as any other ethnic group. They too long for the pomp and circumstance that the world will witness April 29 when England’s Prince William weds his bride Catherine Middleton. It’s become standard practice in recent generations for black couples to ceremonially jump the broom at their…

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