Ooh Kill ‘Em!: Black Male Mentoring and Fictive Kinship


I love the South.  I love country folks.  I love country Black folks from the South.  I have two of them for parents.  And if you have them southern roots (pronounced “ruhtz”) like I do, you probably have more “play cousins” than you can count. “Play cousins?” For those of you without it, I’ll give you…

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A School is Always Teaching: What Deborah Brown Community School Taught One Little Black Girl


If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the news story about 7-year-old Tiana Parker. She’s a former student at Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Deborah Brown Community School, whose father ultimately pulled her out after being repeatedly told by the school to change his daughter’s hairstyle. Tiana’s dreadlocked hair was in violation of the school’s dress code…

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Parenting: Tackling ADHD


Seven Tips to Prepare Your Child with ADHD for the School Year

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Teaching kids the value of money


Teaching kids the value of money is important, but making them earn their money is even more important. Money gives kids decision making opportunities and teaches them not to be wasteful. Childhood chores provides kids with an appreciation for the things that they have, a sense of accomplishment for the things that they have achieved,…

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Social Networking safe for kids?


My son is 10 and wants to join Facebook. He tells me all of his friends have Facebook, so why can’t he? How do you allow your children the freedom to grow and become more social while still protecting them from unknown online predators? Or better yet becoming prey to a lifestyle of social ineptitude.…

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Dad from a Distance


“Dads from a Distance” provides perspectives on why it’s so important for non-custodial fathers to also be great Dads and provides an extensive toolbox of more than 60 ideas and strategies to get there.

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President Obama becomes first sitting US president to publish a children’s book

President Barack Obama on Tuesday became the first sitting US president to publish a book for children when he released Of Thee I Sing, a tribute to 13 ground-breaking Americans whose traits he sees in his own two children.

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“Robersonville” An Editorial by Eric Roberson

Eric Roberson recounts his journey discovering the history of his family. “Maybe slavery was such a sore spot that i was only interested in learning about it from afar, rather than the part i was actually connected to.”

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