Omar McGee is Bringing Financial Literacy to South Central LA


My name is… Omar McGee.

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March 9th: Critical Race Theory, Breitbart, and What Biggie Has To Do With It


Mo the Educator’s critical analysis of the controversy surrounding Barack Obama’s connection to critical race theory.

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Educator’s Response: Teacher’s Smack-Down on Black Children

I’m gonna take a different approach on this one. Before that though, let me honor this man for handling these two children exactly as he should have. Two adolescent boys squaring each other up aren’t going to pay attention to “gentle verbal warnings” or even stern ones from a seated teacher. Beyond “showing them who’s…

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Is Keeping Cursive Writing Worth the Fight?


Is cursive a dead form of scribe? 43 States have already made it “optional” vs required.

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Should the N-Word be taken out of classic school taught literature?

A new edition of “Huckleberry Finn” removes the 219 uses of the word “nigger” in the novel and replaces them with “slave.”

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Roundup Radio: Black Leadership, Integration, and HBCUs

Lavell Flamon, Educator Maurice Dolberry, and Grammy Award winning rapper David Banner discuss Black Leadership, the impact of Integration, and touch on the topic of HBCUs.

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DC Schools Principal Lamont Geddis featured in commercial

As we like to say, “Yep. He’s one of ours.” HBCU Alumnus Lamont Geddis is featured in this commercial encouraging folks to consider teaching as a profession. Well done Monty.

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New study shows New York Public Schools are unable to teach Black male students

National tests showed 9% of New York’s black male eighth-graders were reading at grade level in 2009. In 2008, only 28% of male blacks graduated high school in the city.

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