Usher puts it down for the Black Family Unit

Another rare media sighting of the purportedly absent Black Family-Man. Program directors must be slipping 😉

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  • Nadiyah

    Reply Reply May 28, 2008

    He married a beautiful black woman….who is the mother of his child…I dont understand what the problem is…We love to tear down what is right…and glorify what is wrong! I LOVE WHAT HE REPRESENTS….DO YOU USH!!!!

  • K

    Reply Reply May 28, 2008

    Preeeeaaaach USHER! It’s so refreshing to see a young black entertainer talk like a loving/responsible husband and father. Go head, Go head!!!

  • Owetta

    Reply Reply May 28, 2008

    Quit that whining Usher. You a celebrity and people are going to talk now you gave them something else to talk about. Have a seat!!!!!!!!!

  • Alan

    Reply Reply May 28, 2008


    LOL @ “whining”

    You’ve got quite the double standard there, Owetta. Does he have as much right to talk about the people talking about him as people have to talk about him in the first place? Why is it “whining” if he does it? His voice didn’t get high-pitched. I didn’t hear a whine, I heard a black man making his point very clearly. Stop the madness…

    If people have nothing better to talk about than Usher’s marriage, they should consider widening the range of their conversation…LOL.

  • Nadiyah

    Reply Reply May 28, 2008

    Alan…well said my brotha…well said!!

  • admin

    Reply Reply May 28, 2008

    FYI, to get rid of that generic photo holder FOREVER, log into and upload your own picture.


  • Sister Kia

    Reply Reply May 29, 2008

    In a sea of men running away from responsibility, it is refreshing to see a brother stand up for his family…

    Sis. Kia

  • Vdub

    Reply Reply May 29, 2008

    For some reason I cannot pull up this article. I guess the article is talking about Usher being a family man. Does he talk about how he met his wife who was his stylist at the time? Does he talk about how she was married with 3 kids at the time they started their affair? Does he talk about how she left her husband and 3 kids for him? Talk about keeping a black family unit together? I like you Usher man but give me a break. Tell the whole story.

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