My Black Year – Historically Black Friday

As you know we’re advocating supporting businesses owned and operated by our HBCU family. I though you’d enjoy the video attached, as a reminder of why the little decisions we make daily and weekly make a huge difference.

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Showcase YOUR HBCU Alumni-Owned Business – Historically Black Friday

Historically Black Friday

Do you know excellent HBCU Alumni business owners? We’ve seen first hand, the power of uniting and approaching change through our economic power. This holiday season, Alumni Roundup is supporting alumni-owned businesses, with the hope of creating more opportunities for our dollars to circulate in our community. Introducing Historically Black Friday Once a week we’re…

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Homeless at Howard: An Alumni Discussion

Homeless at Howard

Listen in on this wide reaching conversation between concerned Howard University Alumni, and HBCU advocates: Dr. Maurice Dolberry, Dr. Rhadi Ferguson, and hosted by Be Moore. The issues addressed reach far into the social implications of the global responses to the issue as well as concerns moving forward.

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[DC] IN JAZZ WE TRUST: Music in Motion, June 14th, 2015

THE DC JAZZ FESTIVAL & ATLAS PEFORMING ARTS CENTER PRESENT… IN JAZZ WE TRUST: Music in Motion   Washington, DC  – Acclaimed choreographer, Princess Mhoon, presents IN JAZZ WE TRUST: Music in Motion, an evening of dance works that look at the rich tradition of jazz music. Featuring legendary compositions of some the greats, this concert…

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Jazzy Jeff and Skillz are TALKING ABOUT YOU Hanging out at CIAA :)

Ha! Jazzy Jeff and his team are on the road AS USUSAL, and into their second season documenting their journeys via their web show “Vinyl Destination.” In this episode, the season opener, Jeff and Skillz discuss their experience with the crowd during the CIAA Tournament. I won’t lie, I literally laughed out loud. Watch with…

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A School is Always Teaching: What Deborah Brown Community School Taught One Little Black Girl

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the news story about 7-year-old Tiana Parker. She’s a former student at Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Deborah Brown Community School, whose father ultimately pulled her out after being repeatedly told by the school to change his daughter’s hairstyle. Tiana’s dreadlocked hair was in violation of the school’s dress code…

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Insights Marketing presents the 19th Annual Daydream Weekend at Essence Music Festival 2013

Keshia Walker & Insights Marketing Present 19th Annual DAYDream Weekend of Events New Orleans, LA July 5 -7, 2013

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How Social Media Fueled the Ultimate Body Fuel Course

Coach Dre

by Quia Querisma Like most digital start-ups, started out of necessity and a desire for change. Coach Bryndan “Be” Moore, a certified nutrition coach, didn’t always live a life of clean eating and regular exercise. Years ago, Be visited the gym intermittently, and would grow frustrated that he wasn’t achieving the physical results he…

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